About Dubai Touch Screen Kiosk

Comprises of versatile business units and services offering to a large numbers of corporate & organizations in UAE & Middle East region and is committed to deliver uncompromised quality work, customize to the needs of its existing & potential clients.

Imagine being able to hire additional employees without paying them a salary. Installing kiosks at your business can be an attractive alternative while you have plan to squeeze business operational cost.. Kiosks are user-friendly machines that act like virtual employees, collecting and delivering information quickly and consistently without human interaction. There are numerous benefits of deploying kiosks like 24/7 availability and accessibility, saves the manpower cost, user-friendly interface applications, customizable interfaces to reflect your corporate style, Multilingual Solutions, Additional revenue streams, Wide choice of peripherals.(Printer, card reader, money acceptor….etc). The entire kiosks industry is taking off - a recent study by a consulting group predicts that kiosks transactions will approach $1.3 trillion a year by 2011 in US.