Kiosk Services

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Touch Screen Kiosk Services

  • Displaying directions offices warehouse or retail shelves.
  • Provides pricing or availability of items.
  • Printing professional-quality digital photos
  • Managing self-serve checkout lines at supermarkets
  • Checking in and printing boarding passes at the airport
  • Accepting bill payments, cash or cheque deposits
  • Verifying fingerprints, iris scans, or other security measures
  • Printing, grades, bridal registries, and more
  • Supporting tool for Advertisement campaigns in markets or public places.

Touch screen Kiosk Applications

  • Internet terminal stations and stands for café’s
  • Visitor greeting stations
  • Virtual receptionist solutions
  • Information touch screen kiosk
  • Way finding system
  • Commercial signage
  • Office signage/ Interior signage
  • Self-service touch screen kiosk
  • Trade show kiosk / Customer registration and advice system Game stations

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